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Buying Property Up North – Why Are You Here?

So many people come through my office in the summer season, with comments like “We have been coming here for the last 40 years”, or “We are third and fourth generations on Crystal Lake”.  If I didn’t live here myself, I might wonder why would these people keep spending their summers and fall here?  Or why would they retire here?

When I grab snippets of time to maybe walk to the Frankfort Beach and Lighthouse, I remember why I am here:

Walking to lighthouse




When I walk to work along Betsie Valley Trail and Betsie Bay, I remember why I live and work here:



Burt and I are so truly blessed to live and work in such a beautiful area!  I recently completed a painting for our conference room, and I appropriately titled it “Why I Am Here”.

First crop, adj lighting


Like Tara was to Scarlett O’Hara, the water seems to be the common denominator for our Up North experience.  Please enjoy!


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