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5 DeBaliviere

We met Julie because she was the listing agent for a house we thought we were interested in. Especially because we were making a special trip to see the property, she suggested we look at some other houses too. It is one of those that we eventually bought. Julie was very responsive and helpful about setting up visits and checking out everything from insurance to zoning. She was always prompt and well-informed, but she never pushed us or made us feel pressured in the slightest. Everything went very smoothly, in large part thanks to all her help. I would never heistate to recommend her to others. Oh, I should add that she’s a talented artist and dedicated gardener, which means she has an excellent eye.

5 user859472

Julie was very patient with us a we put her through a lot before finally deciding to purchase. We found them both to be knowledgable and ethical in all our dealings. I would highly recommend both her and Burt to anyone

5 user4670867

Burt and Julie bend over backwards to accommodate their clients. My sister lives across the country and she had Julie running everwhere, eliciting details I’m sure aren’t usually sought, for property after property after property. She was patient, thorough, prompt, respectful and diligent. I highly recommend both Burt and Julie.

5 user20822419

Burt was extremely professional and amicable at all times. Every time I dealt with Burt, he made me feel like I was his only client. I always had his undivided attention. Being a first time home buyer, I was extremely impressed with the way walked me through the purchasing process from our initial contact all the way to closing. Even after closing, Burt was more than willing to help with finding needed contractors, or different stores in the area. If I ever bought a house anywhere in the country, I would want Burt by my side to help me throught the ordeal.

5 user991316

Burt and Julie Williams are a great team. Looking for a house can be a very long process and they stuck with us every step of the way (2 years). Every time we needed them to be quick and efficient with paperwork, they were emailing and/or calling to be sure everything was done with precision. It took a few times, but finally, we found the perfect house for the most reasonable amount of money. I loved them as a team because they are very personable and spent the quality time it took to ensure we bought the house of our dreams. We are forever grateful.

5 user634503

I was very fortunate to have had the expertise and assistance of a true “bend over backwards” professional when purchasing my first home. Burt guided me patiently, recommended all the right people and had all the answers to my many questions. I have since recommended him to friends without hesitation and am happily in my first home due to his diligence.

5 user0479080

We bought a house in Frankfort with Burt and Julie in February. The matched us with a half dozen houses that met our criteria, and after they understood what we were looking for, found us an eve better match that was a little stretch but an ideal choice. We negotiated a price with his guidance. He gave us a clear idea of how much room we had to trade, and got us close to the price we were willing to pay. After the sale, Burt offered to go before the equalization board to negotiate on our taxes, and got us in contact with the assessor so we could fill out the paperwork. Overall, it was an exceptional experience. We have already recommended on friend to them for another sale.

5 user7096528

Julie and Burt did a great job with showing our house, keeping us up dated, giving us guidance, trying different techinques, and in the end accomplished the goal of selling our house. Thank you!

5 user470398

we were trying for one house, and it fell throught so she told my wife an I that it is out there an julie was right on she knew she found and WE BOUGHT IT thank you to burt an julie Williams for all there help for the house it was a long trip but we made it . thank you for all you did ..

5 user0582164

My wife and I purchased a cottege in Frankfort this past summer and Burt and Julie and we used Burt and Julie as our agent. It was an older house that needed updated and brought up to code. Burt and Julie did an outstanding job not only during the initial negotiations and made excellent recommendations for home inspectors, contractors, and a local bank to assist with the construction loan. Each of thier recommendations did an outstanding job. Burt and Julie both went “over and beyond” what was expected in all areas which included additional research on properties in the area. I have purchased 9 homes in the last 22 years and by far, Burt and Julie were the most experienced and helpful than any other realator I have worked with in the past. I still call Burt from time to time with questions which he is always more than glad to answer or provide direction.

5 user5623980

We were concerned about looking for a home long-distance, as this was new to us, but our experience was terrific and there was not a single detail that marred it. Julie sent us tons of information, by mail when not available online, and had a well organized itinerary waiting for us the night we checked into our hotel. When we began looking the next day we felt well prepared and relaxed. We met Julie in person at the first home on the list, and felt like we were catching up with a good friend (although one knowledgable about real estate!) After we found our home, Julie provided us with a list of local businesses providing home inspections and property insurance. Those we chose from this list were prompt, professional, and friendly. Mike and I would recommend Burt and Julie to friends and family, enthusiastically.

5 user4428164

Burt & Julie Williams are professionals of the highest grade. They have been my agents twice and I wouldn’t use anyone else. They always answer the phone, and respond to E-mails immdeiately upon receipt. They stick with you through the whole process and if you’re a first time home buyer they have all the answers to your questions. My favorite thing about them is, they never make you feel bad about your lack of knowledg of the real estate industry. In the end you have a new house and two good friends.

5 user13086109

Julie handled a multitude of problems and questions that we had during our purchase in an extremely timely and helpful manner. She immediately put us in touch with contractors, appraisers, inspectors and bankers when we needed them. She answered our emails within minutes. She tirelessly negotiated on our behalf. She handled all of the legwork that we could not, being out of town. She went above and beyond our expectations. We have already recommended her to friends who would like to purchase property in the Frankfort/Sleeping Bear area.

5 user85027978

Although I did not meet Julie, I felt confident that having chosen Burt as my realtor I was getting “two for the price of one’! This team has their finger on the pulse of the industry and are able to predict trends. They were able to help price the property to sell at a level that attracted a buyer, and gave me the greatest profit margin. Their use of technology reached a broader audience than any other realtor that I had known, and they are well connected in the community so that when a few repairs were needed, they were able to contact a contractor to complete the repairs. Their follow through was fantastic on all fronts. All questions or concerns were answered satisfactorily and in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Burt Williams and his team to represent me again. In fact, when I retire and want to buy back into the community, I will contact Burt again to help me find a place to call home.

5 murith2

Burt did a great job for us. We were looking for a second home, put together a list of places we wanted to see and randomly contacted Burt. He devoted days to showing us homes, even meeting with us on very short notice to get us into houses we wanted to see. Burt handled the negotiations very smoothly when we finally made an offer on a home. Going above and beyond, Burt took it upon himself to meet with the sellers on our behalf, to discuss some of the details when we couldn’t be there. Burt is very personable and his knowledge of the area was a real help to us. We felt comfortable asking his opinion regarding things with which we were not familiar, feeling we would get an honest answer from him. We were very glad that we contacted Burt to assist us in finding a second home – he provided us with great service and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

5 vinson4

Ah Team Burt and Julie…I will attempt to list all the ways they helped up with our purchase of our Piece of Paradise in Benzie County this spring. They really listened to us in regards to our needs and wants and budget parameters. They are so knowledgeable of the area, and think outside the box to find just the right place. We looked at as many places as we wanted, and more that they picked out for us to see, and when we found our place, we had that “this is it” moment when we walked in the front door. They seem to be available at any time of the day or night, and all types of correspondence is tended to in a very timely manner. They know all the ins and outs of home ownership and laws regarding property transfers. Any question, any time. After the sale, they still keep in contact with us to make sure we are happy with our place, and see if they can help with anything, Oh, and Burt makes a mean Fish Fry on Friday nights, and Julie is an extraordinary artist.

5 user1754196

Julie is great!! She is knowledgable, quick to respond and is always willing to help. We ran into a problem when our home was incorrectly listed on a flood plain. Julie went right to work to find out how to fix this problem. It was resolved which saved us a lot of money. We highly recommend Julie and Burt Williams!

5 zuser20140603074317255

Burt and Julie were very responsive to all our questions and needs. When searching for a cottage in Frankfort MI my wife and I found it very hard to get a response from real estate agents in the area. Not so with Burt and Julie.

We viewed many homes before purchasing ours on Crystal Ave. Many needed some type of repairs. Burt and Julie were very knowledgeable on contractors and inspectors in the area. They would go above and beyond to meet us with the contractors to answer any questions. Burt even helped us with getting a local mortgage professional to help facilitate a loan.

Could not ask for a more professional, responsive, and friendly real estate team.

5 zuser20140604052454600

Burt did an excellent job in helping us buy our first condo. He helped us understand the process and was very responsive. He knows the area and the market, and helped us feel comfortable that we were getting a fair deal. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Northwest Michigan area.

5 jonesknutz

I have used Julie & Burt for two transactions now and I will continue to in the future. I like Century 21 Sleeping Bear Realty but I love Julie Williams, she and Burt have gone the extra mile for myself and my husband each time and let me tell you we were not easy clients this time. Between having our hearts set on a home that didn’t work out and my health working against us every step of the way, Julie trudged along and stuck with us through every up and down…. Finally coming down to a long awaited sale for a very deserving home owner (seller) and a very happy buyer (me)

Thanks Julie !!!

5 baileyclaudia

Burt and Julie are truly exceptional agents! Not only did they market our very quirky property — a three season home designed by my mother at the end of a half mile driveway through the swamp — so that some folks from another city fell in love with and purchased it; Julie helped us find the perfect home within our retirement price range that would let us move in with only two weeks notice. Julie also solved a huge potential closing problem when our buyers bank at the last minute decided they would require the new septic system that was included in our agreement not within 6 months but within 15 days! Julie found a local excavator who would do the work in less than that time for a very reasonable rate. Julie and Burt are my real estate heroes!

5 dstrang8416

Burt Williams was great to work with in buying this condo in Frankfort Mi. He kept us updated on everything that was going on and worked very closely with our mortgage broker. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in the area.

5 user32208018

We had a great experience working with Burt! His knowledge, experience and area familiarity made our house hunt and purchase a success! Burt is responsive & organized, yet laid back, we really enjoyed his sense of humor which was an added bonus. Thanks, Burt! We love our new home!

5 bozley 100

Very please with their professionalism. When I had a question they got right back to me. I think they took my feelings and the buyers feelings into consideration. Would use them again.

5 denagale

Burt and Julie were pleasant, professional, and responsive during our real estate purchase. They are excellent with communication, and were able to provide information at all steps of the process. I highly recommend Burt and Julie as realtors.

5 cotep

Burt and Julie are the BEST real estate agents I have ever had the pleasure of working with. My past experience includes agents/agencies who did nothing to sell our previous house in the past. I was very skeptical about hiring a real estate agency this time because of past experiences. Burt and Julie Williams showed our house more times in the first two weeks than our previous house sale showed in the two full years we had it listed – and that was listed by three different agencies in those two years! I have already recommended them and will continue to do so. They came highly recommended from a family member whose home they had recently sold and they exceeded our every wish!

5 hr bayhomehealthcare

I can’t stress enough at how much a great real estate agent really matters, and Burt and Julie both are great. We would have never been in our dream house without them. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting their home.

5 LuvRidn2

We could not have been happier with the services of Burt and Julie Williams (we dealt mostly with Burt, but did have occasion to speak with Julie on the phone a couple times). The whole process went extremely well, considering our buyers made it drag on for over a year. Because of this, all paperwork, appraisal, etc. had to be repeated. Burt kept in touch with us regularly while waiting for our sale to go through and never gave up on us. And when the time finally came that our house was sold, he helped to see that everything for the purchase of the new home went without a hitch, and in a very timely manner. There was never a question he couldn’t answer, or find an answer to. We definitely felt like he was looking out for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor.

5 GoUpNorth

Within minutes of sending an inquiry via Zillow, Burt called me and we were visiting the property that very day. Burt was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood and surrounding area. We feel he went above and beyond throughout the entire process, from offer to closing. We would definitely work with him again!

5 bjbader4

It was a pleasure working with Julie Williams for selling my Mother’s house in Arcadia. She is knowledgeable and experienced with the housing markets in her area of the state, and she was highly competent and professional.

5 jsamol

We worked primarily with Burt and he was fantastic! Very responsive at all times throughout the process. Very helpful, very knowledgeable. He made it easy for us. Highly recommended.

5 kathwitkowski

Julie Williams was very approachable, efficient, and demonstrated great understanding of our needs. She was very immediate when responding to our calls and answering questions.

5 jaetz1230

Ive been working with Burt Williams for about 3 years now.I feel I must say how his expertise and professionalism is second to none.His honesty,patience and understanding made us feel appreciated and at ease. He was sensitive to our many challenges and still, with his help we were able to succeed. All this and I’ve never met him as I live in the Metro Detroit region. I would highly recommend him!

5 user3353725

Burt stuck with our family and actually was involved in selling the property twice. When the deal fell through the first time, (family dispute no fault of Burt’s), he encouraged us to try again and shared his knowledge and pointed us in the right direction.

5 michelerkastner

Julie is knowledgeable, made the sales process easy, was very helpful and professional. She went the extra mile to get the price we wanted for our home. We would work with her again.

5 info90557

It is always a pleasure working with Burt. He is knowledgeable, diligent, available, responsive and attentive. His expertise has made each of our transactions progress smoothly. This isn’t the first time with bought through Burt and it won’t be the last! Thank you, Burt!

5 zuser20150825092808624

I just purchased my first home in Frankfort, MI, wonderful experience with Julie and Burt. I worked with a handful of realtors from my office out of state with little to no hope at actually finding a home with the time closing on my 6 month moving plan. With 2 months left I contacted Burt and Julie through my parents who had previously worked with the dynamic duo. In no time at all I had a list of possible properties in my price range with all the odds and ends I had requested. Long story short, I’m typing this in my beautiful new home just off the dunes and Lake Michigan, I could not have said that without the amazing service and effort I received working with Julie and Burt. 5 stars across the board, highly recommend to anyone in the market.

5 user2568997

Julie was professional yet warm and human in all of our contacts. I am happy and satisfied with the way she served as our agent during the listing and selling process. I heartily recommend Julie to anyone wishing to buy or sell property.

5 ken scharhag

Julie stuck with us for 3 years until we found the perfect property. She listened as our needs evolved and was always ready to adapt. She even went out in the snow and videotaped a property for us! Her local connections were very helpful and made the process as smooth as possible. She was always friendly, honest and professional with us.

5 user1529024

I really appreciated how responsive Julie was in helping with our purchase. Returning calls, returning emails, pronto. We ran into a snag with the appraisal while on vacation in Europe, and Julie was ON IT. She took care of the issue and facilitated a revised offer based on the appraisal while we were thousands of miles and many time zones away. I highly recommend Julie and would absolutely work with her again.

5 LAZZ0422

SOLD! That’s what she said! Julie was really easy to work with and very prompt on answering my calls. One of the reason we picked Julie Williams was her knowledge of the area. I liked her immediately.

5 dr joemartinez

Julie was truly a pleasure to work with. Since we live across country, we did most of our preliminary research online. But Julie did all of the groundwork and really found some great options before we flew out. She was so knowledgeable about each neighborhood, extremely patient, well-connected and a great negotiator. We feel lucky to have found her.

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